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We are able to offer you tailor-made local excursions through Kanute, a local fisherman, who also takes care of the gardens at Nuestra Casa, with Jeremy as your guide.

There are several out-of-the-ordinary and interesting local excursions near to Billy’s Bay. Examples include the Black River Safari to see the crocodiles; Pelican Bar, an off-shore bar & restaurant built on stilts; Sunny Island to spear and barbecue lobster; Lovers Leap; YS Falls; Appleton Estate and Rum factory; Bamboo Avenue; Peter Tosh's birthplace and tomb etc.

Excursions can be tailored to suit your needs. Prices are reasonable and are based upon the length of time and distance involved.  

‘Possibly the coolest bar in the world’

Under this front-page headline Decca Aitkinhead wrote a feature length double-page spread for The Guardian [Travel Magazine]:

“… Jamaica’s ultimate beach bar is the Pelican Bar run by Floyde Forbes just about a mile offshore from Treasure Beach… a remote rustic hideaway. Floyde claims he simply dreamt one night about a bar built on stilts out in the sea. The dream was uncommonly precise; it would be round, made of wood and thatched with palm fronds… By last summer, Floyde’s bar has become Treasure Beach’s biggest attraction. If you visit by day you’ll soon see why he called it Pelican Bar. Great flocks used to gather on the sandbar, and now they smother the roof of the bar, indifferent to the mesmerising turquoise watery mosaic below. Fishing boats taking visitors to see the crocodiles in Black River stop by summoning Floyde from his house ashore. He comes puttering out in what is barely bigger than a rowing boat, weighed down with fresh ice and supplies.” 

29th January 2005 guardian.co.uk/travel