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Billy's Bay is an ideal place for a quiet, away-from-it-all holiday. It is a beautiful, unspoilt and relatively remote fishing village tucked away on Jamaica’s undiscovered south coast. The pace of life is slow, and in-tune with Nature. The locals wake early, with the sun, to make the most of the warm fresh air.

Once a week the ‘donkey lady’ rides down from the gentle hills that rise up behind Billys Bay to sell her freshly picked fruit and vegetable crops [mangoes, paw-paw, bananas, sour-sop and passion fruit; callaloo, ackee, bammy, yam, sweet potato and pumpkin]. Meanwhile the fishermen prepare their small boats to sail out to the Pedro Cays, a rich teeming fishing ground due south of Billys Bay, from which they return two or three times a week around sunset to land their catch.

The scene of grading and weighing the fish by hand – in the balmy warmth of a tropical night, is almost biblical in its unspoilt simplicity and dignified humanity. For most visitors in search of respite from the hectic, incessant pressures of modern city living, the rhythm and pleasure of the fishermen’s safe return is a ‘treasure’ amongst many ‘treasures’ to be found in Treasure Beach.